The Vanguard - Christmas Special

Well folks with the competition winners drawn, I give you my final video for the year.

To all of the development team, Pontus keeping us updated weekly, Paul dealing with the community head on, and all the community here within the Official forum and the FB groups… I give you my thanks.

The Christmas Special is some of my favorite game-play moments while on Himfjall over the past few weeks while trying to spawn the a Reaper. The island has always been something of a favorite spot of mine, and always find myself back there for its stunning visuals, the consistent Apocalypse class for target practice, and its mysteries within FOA4 that are still open for discussion - along with potential story-line into the islands above in 2021.

Though I may have been hard on the team during the Error 404 trilogy, I can comfortably say, that Generation Zero on Xbox, is in the best state it has been in since Day 1. Having read the scheduled patch notes for December - I’m confident that Avalanche Systemic Reactions can now start mopping up 2020’s issues, and get a solid foundation into 2021 for a more consistent game moving forward.

For the final one for this year - I’d recommend only 2 things.

  1. Headphones
  2. Watch until the end :slight_smile:

Catch you all in 2021.

Marcus / Alias DJA


Well done :+1:

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