The Vanguard - "Uncle Calle"

Initially, this was due when the update comes, but in light of the FNIX Rising DLC I’ve released this now. To the Avalanche team, especially Pontus for all his direct communication to the community…thank you. Make sure to watch until the end for a little thank you from me and Diesel.

Layered on top of another perfect soundtrack provided by Yazid Le Voyageur, “Gesaffelstein - Pursuit”. A hard hitting, industrial, robotic thumper that brings a much darker, aggressive feel to the video and gameplay. Subscribe to his edits of tracks her :

Uncle Calle"… combines level 31 Vanguard gameplay, along with my future predictions in storyline. Gameplay includes footage from both me and Diesel this time to give additional perspective. I’ve focused on beat sync, frame flow kills - visual impact, and have added a new feature to the Vanguard himself that I will continue throughout the games development stages.

Finally, from a personal note this has by far taken a lot longer than originally anticipated. Once your down the rabbit hole dialled in - time disappears very, very quickly when aiming for perfection in editing. Recorded in 4K, 60FPS on my XOX - Project Scorpio I have really enjoyed making this one so the time and effort was worth it.

So Avalanche - looking forward to FNIX Rising landing on Xbox soon.

Until then…We’ll be waiting

Alias DJA / dieseljack777


Amazing :smiley: also hmmmmm strange but still i love it!


exactly what i thought :smiley:


Thanks guy’s looks like the next one’s theme is already been set. Chopping audio is by far a lot more difficult that I anticipated.

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