Summoner Beacon

While this idea may give some interesting gameplay, turning player into FNIX, who can airdrop machines in on a whim, doesn’t go well with the lore of the game.

Unless, you too think that player chars aren’t actually humans but instead another type of machines made by FNIX. :thinking:

I think you are reading a bit too far into it. Ideally the point is not to “summon”, but summon would be the actual gameplay term.

The wording of the Array would go: “Emits sound/waves that draw machines from extremely far distances”

Once placing the array on the ground the player waits a few moments as it emits extremely loud alarm. After a few moments you can begin to hear a few tanks or harvesters approaching with stomping sounds. First running in are runners followed by hunters and big guys in the back. The group can come from any direction or multiple direction of the radius.

Random amount of machines for each array will be a combo of:

  • 2-4 mix of harv/tanks
  • 4-8 hunters
  • 8-12 runners

Either you will have a small battle or large battle pending on what spawns or how many spawns. (or how many players drop one) Smallest: 14 machines / largest 24 machines

It is not like we don’t kill more in a single session anyway.

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@Aesyle Actually the characters might not even be human…one possible interpretation from the Endgame, is that the characters have also evolved.
Remember they wake up from the shore, they could just be cyborgs.
They never die, they carry 90 kilos of ammo and weapons and can run a lot, they respawn after dying, not after at the beginning of a “checkpoint”.
So yes, they might even not be 100% Human.
The player will not be turned in “Fnix”, it´s just a Beacon that “attracts” a certain number of enemies.
Enemies respawn all the time , otherwise the game Map would be empty.
@JayBowdy Random amount of machines to spawn looks balanced.
The enemies that spawn on the last Himfjall mission are a lot more than the number proposed here.
Seems feasible and a good idea.

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:drooling_face: can’t wait to do that mission!


I’ve been telling about this since way before my hiatus.
But it got laughed away.

Still, yes, SO bizarre…
That would explain that everything is so easy to us, where ‘other’ people died horribly in bushes.

Light, Medium and Heavy Comm Array Lures do exactly that and are already in the game.

“A heavy communications array, salvaged from the wreck of a destroyed machine. They can be placed on the ground and used as a lure, drawing other machines to its location across a large area for a long time.”


But rather than drawing in fixed amount and type of the machines, they draw in all machines that are in nearby area.

I don’t see the reason why they need to draw in fixed amount and type of machines.
Or as the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it.”.

My 4 girls aren’t humans, at least for me. :slightly_smiling_face:
Further interesting reading: Character Biography

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Because it is my idea and others here support it?

It is a way to spawn enemies to you and defend an area. Not to wait and see what the messed up AI does with the arrays we have now.

Not all ideas are good ones. Sure, everyone can present their ideas and may get some support but they may also get opposition to the idea. Like in this case, i’m against it.

I like the idea though… Could be some kind of repeatable mission in the future. It’s sorta in the game already, Alpine Unrest spoiler warning;


The mission where you activate the readiness alarm to drawn machines to the position.

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OK: pause everyone:
There can be consensus!
How about a more… realistic… idea:

This ALREADY is in game, in another form: the horn ah Hjimfall.
But… handheld… with a MUCH greater range…?
The Hjimfall Horn effected ‘virtually the whole land of Hjimfall’, right?

Well: i present to you:
The solution… :slight_smile:


Being against something is one thing. Being rude is another.

I think the idea is worth discussing - lore-wise, you might say the player character found a radio emergency beacon that either was used by the army (so FNIX sends out a detachment to snuff out opposition), or was a part of a machine (maybe a tank/harvester) that is used to call in reinforcements (like the comm lure, but radio vs sound waves).
Seeing the argument ‘If it ain’t broke - don’t fix it’ in reference to a game where destroying one seeker in front of a secluded forest hut draws literally hundreds of seekers, hunters and runners over several in-game hours is interesting for lack of a better word.
The question, for me at least, is if this change could be achieved by differentiating more between the various ‘lure’ objects (radio, boom blaster, s/m/l comm lure). Maybe upgrading the largest lure to a even higher radius?

Just use the bloody horn, dangit.

How am i rude? Because i don’t support your idea?

Idea that gives the ability to cheese the game, by bringing the machines to you, fixed amount of machines, on constant basis, without you going anywhere to find machines. Just stay in the safehouse, “summon” the armada, get killed, respawn back in the same safehouse with 100 HP, rinse and repeat. :eyes:

At least with current Comm Array Lures, there is a chance that no-one shows up, if there isn’t no-one around, so you need to go to a “better” spot.


About this, brother: Miss Aesyle is straightforward, to the point, direct.
It’s not rudeness, just… direct…

Or you could say you can’t use it within a parameter of a safehouse instead of “Not all ideas are good ones”.

That was a snide remark and why it came off rude.

I am not talking about ‘luring’ I am talking about actually finding a place to defend. Set up some defenses with your friends and call in a horde of machines and have a blast. Maybe not your play style? I can see it as a load of fun,…

Please read my response above, sir… :slight_smile:

Honestly my perception stands?

Your initial idea was all about the ability to pick a place and then “summon” the machine armada to you:

And that can (and most likely), will be used to cheese the game.

However, players have asked for raids/hordes, that devs have interest in and these kind of special events, are defined by the devs, not by players (as where they took place and how many machines there are).

There are already few such missions in the game where you need to defend X spot against machine armada. Only downside is, that you can’t repeat those missions. Repeating missions is another asked feature by players though.

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Ok so you made your point many times and I would like to hear others people opinion about it instead of you just shooting down the idea from the start to something that might end up being locked in the end. Can you please after your last post just start moderating the thread instead of forcing your opinion on it? Thank you in advance.

(If you can contribute like the, ‘can’t put it within a radius around the safehouse thing’, I do not mind.)