Rumour Mill thread

So, I’ve been wanting to let people know what my character, Alicia Storm, is actually doing other than just surviving and fighting machines since some of what she’s up to can’t be done in-game. But I also don’t feel like writing a full-length short story about it.

Most roleplaying communities I’ve been a part of has had a Rumour Mill - a place where you can post rumours and other kinds of information about your character - what they’re doing, what they’ve done, where they are - in the form of short tidbits of what information would be available to characters in the game’s world.

In the case of Generation Zero, this would mean information that the human resistance, various groups of survivors and other player characters could know in-character; information that could potentially be circulating amongst the surviving humans on Östertörn, hence the name “rumour” mill.

As such, this thread is not intended for OOC discussion or commentary (OOC meaning out-of-character, as in from the point of view of us, the players). It is only intended for short, in-character posts about characters and minor events that happen around Östertörn. If you want to comment on anything written in this thread, I would appreciate if that is done in a separate thread such as the Character Biography thread or a thread created for that purpose. I only wrote this OOC introduction to let people know what this thread is about.

Anyway, I’ll start!


A black-haired and blue-eyed girl of sixteen or seventeen years of age has, since the month of November, been seen helping groups of surviving civilians all around Östertörn by helping them fight off machine attacks, bringing them supplies or helping in the construction of defenses before eventually leaving. The girl, who had introduced herself as Alicia Storm, would always be heavily armed and outfitted in advanced experimental gear of the Swedish military in blue and gray camouflage.

The girl, Alicia, had always been genuinely amicable and friendly and yet she was strangely uptight at the same time, as if she constantly had the mindset of a soldier on duty. When not in the company of other humans, Alicia could be seen in the company of a pack of gray wolves, though over time this pack seemed to lose members until only one remained.

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During one cold night in the month of December the sounds of gunfire, people shouting and a few explosions could be heard in Farmlands region of Östertörn. Any investigation of the scene of the fighting would find the corpses of what appeared to be foreign soldiers in some sort of makeshift military camp. Strangely, there were no destroyed machines in the vicinity.

The dead were not members of the human resistance or the Swedish military as they had markedly different uniforms and military gear with Russian markings. They had apparently been killed by a combination of gunfire from two different firearms chambered in 5.56 and 9mm, one or two hand grenades, a short knife-like blade, a woodcutting axe (the axe would be found embedded in the head of one of the bodies) and what appeared to be the teeth of a predatory animal. Upon one of the military barricades the words “This land is my land” had been written in English using blue spray-paint.

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