Is there an in-character rumor thread?

I was wondering if there is any in-character rumor thread. We know there are groups of people that have managed to survive on Östertörn and that they might be in contact with each other. As such, information and rumor will inevitably spread between them.

So I’m wondering if there is a thread where we can write small tidbits of information in the form of, for example, rumors that are spreading within and between these groups of survivors. It’d be used for those players (such as me) who don’t feel like writing entire short stories, but still want to write something in-character, just…shorter. I have a few things in mind I’d want to write concerning my own character, but I don’t feel like writing entire short stories concerning it.

If such a thread doesn’t exist yet, I was thinking I could create it in the Community Content section!

You mean this topic: Faction talk and some dissussion ? Since other than that one, i know no other topic of the similar scope.

Kind of like that, but it doesn’t seem to be written from an in-universe/in-character perspective, as people are posting their own personal opinions and theories and not in-universe rumors and gossip.

Well, if the linked topic doesn’t fit your idea, feel free to make a new one in the #community-content subforum. :slight_smile:

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With question answered, topic closed.

Asked about topic is now here: Rumour Mill thread