Not even one drop of any weapons or halloween clothes

Same here. Hunted mostly FNIX and apocalypse machines for several hours yesterday. No Halloween drops and the best loot I got off rivals were clothing schematics. No weapons. I wonder if the Halloween costumes are supposed to replace the weapon drops and since they don’t seem to be active in my game the whole loot system is off kilter.

I’m not getting anything, killed over 100 bots so far !!! [ PC ]

Experiencing the same thing. Three players all [PC][Steam] for the last two days have killed an abundance of everything in the game for over 6 hours, not one drop for anyone.
Edit: To clarify, I did not participate in last years Halloween event and have none of the clothing.
Edit part deux: Two of us spent several hours solo looking and still had the same results.

Same here. Played for about 3 hours killing dogs, hunters harvesters and tanks, prototype, military, FNIX and no halloween drops. Playing on PC.

I’m playing on Xbox and haven’t gotten any of the Halloween event drops either. I’ve gotten ammo, med kits, low crown weapons and attachments. I played for about an hour on Oct. 30th and thought I was unlucky when I didn’t get any drops. This morning I played for 3 hours when I came to the forums to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

Is anyone having any luck?..I’ve killed well over 100 robots and haven’t got anything !!!

Same here. I hope I don’t have to destroy all leveled-up machines I was saving for the ps4 update. I want that experimental kvm.

Same for me. It seems that quite a few of us are unlucky these days :slight_smile:

To be sure I destroyed a level 4 apocalypse tank but got nothing. Guess it must be a bug on ps4?

@Raco … I play it on the Pc, i think it’s probably a universal bug

@Raco @Obllivian @joshx336 @MarkNcheese42
It´s glitched for everyone or at least for most people in all 3 platforms.

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I am aware. I created a topic that addresses this. It is now merged with another persons topic.

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So has anyone found any Halloween items on any platform this year or is this “event” broken like so much else?

I assume something was added between this year and last that is screwing with the dtops

Same issue replies moved to proper topic.


700+ kills to day, not one single Halloween clothing found.

As aspected, just enjoy the game as long it’s working okey, at least the most of us can play it now.

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I don’t know how many kills I had but I got no clothes as well. Since I don’t care much about clothes I don’t bother. What I found very wierd is the amount of barrel extensions I found. In Skvadern I found 16 of them :rofl:

Can confirm. 2 hours, 15 rivals, an overwhelming amount of other bots. Not a single special “Halloween” drop. I’m mosly getting 5 and 6 star weapon drops and clothing crafting plans. So, same as any other day. I think the Halloween event might be broken. Playing on PC.

:sweat_smile: seems like some attachments favour some players - for me its always the shotgun chokes that drop in abundance.
And ofc also no special event clothes here this year :disappointed_relieved:

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I played for more than 9 hours yesterday + a few tens of minutes today and unfortunately no special event clothes :-1: