Not getting new skills

I am currently on level 34. 3 times now I have been told that i have attained a new skills level but I have been unable to increase ANY of my skills in any category. It has awarded me 5 Uranium points each time but I wasted these twice…re-assigning the skills, because I thought that might fix the problem…but I am still at level 34 and it won’t let me progress in ANY of the categories. am I doomed never to be able to increase my skills level no matter how many times it tells me I can?

It’s not a bug, It is intended that you stop gaining skill points after level 31.

After you reach the maximum level of 31, you receive no skill points to improve skills. You do however get uranium.

It is a very stupid and intended “game feature”.

“Congrats! Now you can reach infinite levels, you just dont get anything for it!! :grinning: :+1:

(Yes, 5 uranium per level is the same as nothing)

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But now you can craft a few experimental rounds of ammo or 5 exp first aid kits. It’s enough to fill one 5* mag on a few weapons.

Once lvl 31 was the maximum at all, therefore you just get skill points until this level. The lvl cap has been increased to 10.000 in one update, but you just get 5 uranium for every lvl above 31.

Thanks everybody for explaining how it works!

Since this isn’t a bug, I’m closing this report.


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