Not going true fullscreen

Hi All

i am having an issue with the game not going true fullscreen and i have checked all my game settings for fullscreen and also i have tried the alt+enter key to go fullscreen and windowed and it is still not true fullscreen it is still displaying the start bar on the bottom of my screen

I have this exact problem. Looks like the fullscreen lands on top of the taskbar, and the game window is pushed outside my screenspace at the top, as the title of the game is partialy covered.
I can sometimes fix it by tabbing out and back in, but I have to be lucky.
Restarting the game can help, or setting a lower resolution in game, and then setting it back to the highest.

This needs to be fixed though. Its very annoying. It can happen in the middle of playing, I have to tab out and back to fix it. few minutes later, it happens again.

I also have issues with the mouse detaching from the game, and sometimes clicking on a program window on one of my secondary monitors, ending up minimising the game.