Not showing recipes I know I picked up

Platform: XBox

*Description: Found an Ammo recipe, but later when I go to “Make” said Ammo, the recipe isn’t there. This has happened with both .50 Armor Piercing and 7.62 Armor Piercing… which are vital to my gameplay style.

*Steps To Reproduce: The .50, was playing a solo run (literally death marched to go get it) and I saw the list on the right hand side list that I’d picked it up

The 7.62 was found by accident on a dead hunter in some ruins but I was playing on multiplayer. However upon returning to my own game, I went to the same location which still had markers …but when I got there everything disappeared as if I had already been there …

Again in both instances I read the text that I’d found the recipe into my inventory, but when I checked my achievements (after not being able to make the ammo) and the achievementa do not show them either.

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None of the ammo crafting schematics drop from the machine loot pool. So, what did you witness, was not the ammo schematic pick-up, but instead the ammo pick-up.

Common ammo schems are all pre-placed. Locs here: Schematics - Fixed Locations - #137 by Aesyle
And experimental ammo schems drop after base defense. Though, Xbox doesn’t have that update yet.