Not so distant terrain problems/LOD

I haven’t played in a while so I figured I’d get check out any new changes. The game was beautiful last time I played. What happened? All not so distant terrain is now lines running across fields and roads. The grass and shrubs don’t pop in till you are like 50ft away. It looks horrible. I was thinking about uninstalling the game and deleting everything and redownloading and installing because this is weird. I’m on a Ryzen 5600x with a RTX 3080, and 32 gb ram with ultra settings and like I said, it was beautiful less than a year ago.

I’m pretty sure those lines are just how the farm fields are supposed to look.

As for vegetation popping in, that could simply be an attempt at performance increase with the latest update. Though there are settings for foliage and such.

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No they are not plowwed fields. It’s on some roads and yards. It’s a terrain layer that’s not supposed to show up but the draw distance is so close it’s showing up. I have screen shots of the game from over a year ago and it’s not there so it’s either a bug or a major screwup.

As you move forward the grass fades in like you have a circle around you and there’s no grass outside the circle.