Nothing will ever be the same after Generation Zero

Hi, my friends. :slight_smile:

Right now, I feel the time has come for me to take a break from Generation Zero. As a PC player, I feel like I have gotten my money’s worth, and simply running around grinding won’t cut it for me, when there are so many other great games out there I wanna play. It’s been 4 months since the last DLC and update for PC, and I know there’s an ongoing battle to get the console versions up to date. Whenever the PC version will be updated, and start getting new content again, I’ll be back right away to see how GZ is doing. :slight_smile:

“Getting my money’s worth” is a terrible understatement, though! This game has completely changed how I view any other game that involves shooting a firearm. The sounds and the heftiness of the gunplay in GZ is unparalleled! Right now I’m trying to play through The Outer Worlds. I like that game a lot, but I just can’t swallow the flimsy pew! pew! shooting. In GZ, you can almost feel the muzzle blast through your screen! Why do so many games not care about making the gunplay at least a bit satisfying? And even the effects after the shots have landed matter. The satisfying sparks and explosions when you hit and destroy the machines, I never get tired of it! SUPERCREDS to the GZ devs for the work they have done here! :star_struck:

I could go on and on, but the overall package of GZ just speaks to me so well. I feel genuinely bad for the console players, when I’ve had mostly smooth sailing ever since 26.03.2019.
GZ has become a game I will always come back to, in between playing other games. It has become at least a minor addiction for me. :crazy_face:

So, when I’ve pew-pew’ed my way through The Outer Worlds…
And, gotten a few sessions of early access Second Extinction in between…
And, GZ has some new content for PC…

I’ll see you around! :blush:


Sir, do get back soon…
We’ll miss you, sir.
Well, I for sure will…

Take care, good sir, on your new endeavours.

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Totally agree, @NJR87! Even though I haven’t been too happy about all changes to GZ it does stand out as an extraordinary game and a very successful one in my opinion :+1:


Personally, I totally get what you mean. Even though I’m not at the same place you are yet. I’ve not even finished the main island yet. I still have it to finish, plus the DLCs. But, once all those are over and done with, I already know my interest will begin to wane. Without a plot to follow and a story to uncover, it’s literally nothing more then a grinding loot and shoot game. It’s one of the main reasons I hope they will at least add a New Game+ mode.

Oh yeah, and as a console player, I accept your sympathies. :grin:


Cool, I feel the same, and have started playing other games the last month now. I of course will be back playing GZ whenever new content is there. I do still read here on and off, to keep myself in the loop of what is happening. ‘Outer worlds’ is on my list, as is
‘Jedi: Fallen Order’. I did buy ‘Second Extinction’ so i will give that a try too.

@NJR87 stay safe my friend and good luck at the hunt. :smiley:

I stay at the game because i had some things to do (collectables and so on).

Beside this I’m working on a new story and some other projects.

Yeeeeeees, you have read right a new Generation Zero story.

So look from time to time i will create a topic then and release it here for those they where waiting for a new DLC or for those they where waiting for a patch that all consoles run proper.

Sometimes i will play Eurotruck II and drive trough Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finnland.

@Gysbert you also stay safe and stay in touch. Have fun by playing your new games. I’m looking forward that you come back.

Best Regards to all