Now it really went downhill

Everything seemed ok for the most part, until i wandered around looking for the Rivals, then 15 hunters and about 10 dogs start chasing me. Taking out every bit of fun of this game now. I have played and reloaded the game several times with the same result. They are really OP.

And when the 5 spydrones notices you, even more comes rushing.

I play “Lonewolf” mind you

They shoot through walls and doors and they traverse locked gates as well.
And if they can’t reach you they GAS you.

Now this feels really fair, and makes me happy to play this game (NOT)

Hunters don’t jump the fences like before, now they are ghosting them. Turn around and they are just there infront of you. You however do need to open or unlock the same gate to escape!

So is this what they call an update?

Stil not fixed another castle mission, bugs remain

And over 20 items were missing from my chest (no weapons though)

I know i had 100 before the update and after i have 78

And i don’t know were they got their information that so many got overpowered drops of 6 star weapons.

Ive gotten two so far, but i have over 70hrs of gameplay.

For me this game has gotten a lot worse, and now i contemplating to ditch it all together

Not being able to complete it. One mission left! if you do not count (Another castle)

Its a real shame, cause this game HAD potential!

That’s the Seeker’s purpose, to notify your location to others. To avoid Seekers, either sneak or shoot their speaker off at the top of Seeker, so they can’t blow their horn.

I’m also a solo player with a “small” difference, that when i finished my vanilla missions back in April of '19, i didn’t have Plundra, Experimental Weapons, Machine Loot and Bikes at all. All those features came after i finished vanilla game.
If the game is hard right now, imagine what it was back then without those features.

Do you have weapons with attachments (including ammo in them) at Plundra? If you do, that’s from where the extra free space came from.

You see, from the time Plundra game in August’s Update and until January’s Update, Plundra did count every weapon attachment on the weapon as well.

For example: AG4 + barrel + mag + scope + vision + ammo took 7x slots in Plundra. Now, it only takes 2x slots in Plundra, as it should be.

Since i’m a collector, my Plundra is filled with fully upgraded weapons. I went from 195/100 down to 93/100 after January’s Update. Did i loose anything? No. Did i get the storage back errenosly taken up by equipped weapon attachments? Yes.

The issue wasn’t about the drop rate but instead low lvl player getting end-game weapon on their hands without any restrictions whatsoever. 6* weapons are meant for end-game, not early-game. So, that got fixed, by locking 6* weapon drops behind char lvl, lvl25 to be exact.

That number of gameplay hours is supposed to represent what?

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I did this mission yesterday - all went well.

Pre-patch, in around 8 hours me and my two sons got a total of around 8 Experimental weapons, mainly from harvesters (Safehouse south of the airport with two Tanks / Harvesters & airport farming and a few rivals).

Now as we are only level 11 or so on average, no more until level 25 :laughing:.

Haven’t seen hunters go through / teleport around fences but their rockets doing damage through walls and ceilings is quite annoying as is the knockdown and then kill before you can get back up.

Multiple spy drones all together also seems a bit strange (have also seen it). A spydrone with a couple of hunters or runners would seem to make more sense but hey :slightly_smiling_face:.

Yeah I totally agree with you I just came back into the game. Last time I played was way back in April of 2019 and back then it was also pretty unbalanced for solo players and now it seems even worse. Had a similar experience to you recently and can not believe that it still hasn’t been balanced for solo play.

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I don’t agree. I’ve completed GZ solo last year, and few days ago I started from scratch on a fresh save.
After completing all missions in Archipelago, South, Farmlands and Forest I died only 11 times. And no, I don’t go sneaky sneaky all the time - I engage most of the machines I encounter.

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I played this game mostly solo, until crashes prevented me from doing so.
Difficulty is a very subjective thing.

That said, this game is far from difficult in any way, shape or form imho. In fact, I’d like it to be more difficult in such a way that the enemies becomes smarter, not that they become tougher through more health/armor.

My best advice to people struggling - max out your running speed, and you’ll be able to outrun and kite any enemy currently in the game.
Keep moving!

"Running is pretty handy, but know where to run. (Barn or house preferable, but sometimes and rucky old shed have to do) "

Genuine question as I haven’t played for a while, has the Hunters teleporting inside barns “issue” been fixed?

No :joy:

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