Now it’s a party!

The wife is having some friends over for a party, so I’m confined to my room… Too bad! :sunglasses:


oh poor you, dont you have enough computers for all of her guests? the only party worth having is a lan-party! (im old and remember the times when that was your only option of gaming together… token-ring FTW!)


Yeah, it was really sad. Sitting there alone, in peace and quiet, playing my currently favorite game, not having to converse with anyone except a few guys online. Heck, I even got to play for 5 hours straight, which is my longest session in 2,5 years! Really terrible… But I’d do it again! :wink:
Haha! Those were the days. It would be awesome to put up 4 computers and play GZ with 3 friends! :smile: None of my friends are gamers now adays though… :-1:

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@liggisten Have you found this room in the game? :wink:


Yep, nerdcave! :smiley: cant remember exactly where tho… was it klinte?

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No, on Himfjäll at Österhallen, the place with a fortified church. When you approach the town from the east, it’s the first or second house on the right. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m old enough, that we started our LAN partying with two PC’s, a LapLink cable and C&C back in the day.
Edit: or was it DCC through serial/parallel :thinking:

Hehe :slight_smile: good times! We repeatedly tried networked gaming with nullmodem back in the day, but we could rarely get it to work… I remember how simple everything got when twisted pair became popular, and drivers for tcp/ip was included on a system level…

I had a dash of nostalgia about a deckade ago when i found my old mac plus ((introed '86) hw modded to accept 4mb(!) of ram) and a scsi->ethernet bridge while “cleaning” the basement storage space.
Even tho that old computer cant support a os version new enough to include a tcp-stack, i still got it hooked up to the 100 mbit fiber connection we had at the time, and i even found a early 90’s browser that still worked on that old OS!
Each page fetch/reload took only a few minutes and it was mostly ad-free browsing!
So, definitely a fun project, but its getting harder and harder to find working specimens from that era…
My old IDE pci-card only works with windows XP or older and i have TONS of old (and presumably working) ATA-drives…

But in the end, it all goes to the same place, eventually; recycling… Nobody has room for it all… :,-(