Now there's new glitches...😔🙏

First of all if you shoot a tanks weapons off… For some reason 90% of the time… They can still shoot from thin air… If you break the front armor panel as well it becomes transparent for FNIX tanks… Plus… It doesn’t always show on your screen when a rival appears… So always double check your map… And grenades still blow up in your face sometimes


Heyo, thanks for the report. I’ve noticed this on Harvesters as well. Destroyed the rocket pods with my AG4 Incendiary, and it kept shooting rockets at me.

Edit: It does seem a bit uneven when Rivals appear. Sometimes they’re created when you get killed by a Machine and it levels up, sometimes not…

I’m not sure about this grenade thing. It’s been reported before, but I’ve never been given any clarity. How does it explode? Do you hold the throw/attack button for too long, or?

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I’m on PS4 and have only came across one rival in 2 days of slaying machines and a runner became my personal rival and then after I killed it I got Freddy Kruger’s sweater from looting it. :joy::joy:
Well I found it humorous anyway…
There is a invisible body glitch too, if u find the artic long coat or something alone those lines and put it on your torso becomes invisible

But upon doing this I cannot access my main characters game as I’m greeted with a black screen upon loading, the other 3 characters are fine.

Looks like my gta character :joy::joy:

If you find new glitches or bugs, make a separate Bug Report for it with this template or something similar.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I explained this once in detail, but can’t remember where. The animation either does not show at all after you’ve pressed the button and then there’s a socking great bang, or in one case, the animation showed the grenade being thrown but after about ten yards it vanished - i.e. you could not see it land, and it went off in my hand. Happens less now than it used to. I use grenades a lot, so I’ll load the Xbox bar and record it retrospecively, if I can work out how…

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I am not entirely sure if it has to do with the october patch but I cannot enter the command center of bunker “Märden” anymore. If I use fast travel I end up in the room between the two double-doors which do not open. And when I enter from outside I cannot open the green double doors either. I did the mission, it shows as completed in my log, it shows the three key-cards necessary - but it won’t let me enter. Maybe someone had the same issue?

Playing on PS4 Pro since August update.