Number of items found is copied from the host

Platform: PC

I always play the game on co-op with my friend (who is hosting), and I would like to find as many weapons, schematics and collectables as possible.

However, this is nearly impossible:
When I hover over a location I can only see how many weapons, schematics and collectables has been found by my hosting friend (which is useless to me).

Are you only supposed to see what the host has found when playing co-op? Is there any setting to change this?

The whole story and map related progress (collectibles, weapons, plans) currently is just saved at the hosts game…

I don’t know if this is an issue they are currently working on, because it may require greater work, as it seems, at least for me, that it has been introduced (accidently?) with the feature of 4 worlds in dark skies update.

Hmm… that feels odd.
In practice that would mean that looted items, items used, exp, and the like is carried over? (I just tested, it is) but the game cannot by design remember a bunker that I’ve visited in a co-op game?

I don’t know, I thought that there would be more to it. It doesn’t feel like the co-op game it’s being advertised to be.

It once worked. It broke with the introduction of the 4 worlds, like the doesn’t know anymore where to save the progress to.