Numbers of safe houses out there?

If we look in ‘Log > Stats’ we see ‘Safe houses unlocked’

I’m having 196 at the moment but also noticed it counts unlocked safe houses from both SP an Co-Op together and me or friends counting safe houses from our map is far from the number in Stats.

But how many are out there? Anyone that seen a correct number, I couldn’t find it.
Guess that Avalanche Studios knows, or can check it out somehow?

Would be nice if both SP and Co-Op didn’t count together and we had counters in stats, where appropriate like in Collectables showing % or ‘amount/of total’.

Just realized that this post also goes under bugs and suggestions too, but I am mainly interested in how many safe houses there is.

To what you can find there add 9 from DLC island.

…and this Forum won’t self destruct if you’ll use the search function.

Thanks for providing the link, @0L0. Since a thread of this topic already exists I’ll lock this one.