How many safe houses are there?


While waiting for new and exciting content I’ve set myself to the task of finding all the interesting places in GZ taking down anything I meet on my journey. Just a few days ago I was convinced that I’d found all safe houses. And then today … not quite. This is my latest discovery at Knaperänna Farm (close to Minken bunker):

Somebody even put a very nice sign on it! So how many safe house are there actually? So far I found 87. Anyone higher?

How many Safehouses total?
Numbers of safe houses out there?

Funny that I log-in today & 1st question I see is this. Me & a friend did a web search for this question as well as how many locations there are & could not find any answer so I was going to ask here…& boom here is someone else asking…lol. Sorry I find that funny & I hope someone replies.


I have 101 unlocked.


Respect! Actually that is good news. I’m sure that’ll keep me busy for some hours to come :+1:


Mad respecc :sunglasses:


It’s all very well finding Safe Houses, but if you’re into Xezr’s Hardcore Challenge, suddenly they become irrelevant, except for saving the game as you leave! It’s weird, any house will do…


Yeah yeah, @Bootie. You and @Xezr are in another league than me. Go trash some iron! Look at me! This bull like to sniff the flowers :smiley::rose::ox:


Well some safehouses like readiness storages are immensely helpful when you get ambushed nearby, and need a place to hold off the machines.


@Xezr can you get us the number please. Also could you ask how many locations are in the game at this time. One PC player posted a picture online claiming it was of all the safe houses I now have two he does not show…Thanks & look forward to those numbers.


I’ve no idea how many safehouses there are in total, probably over a hundred. You could try asking at the Q&A Stream tomorrow perhaps? I won’t be able to, I’ll be at work.


For now I’ll take @ameinild 101 unlocked as my target, so I’m fourteen behind. This will not be easy! I’ve spend some time investigating Överbyslätten because it is pretty much completely blank on the safe house account. Yes, on at the SE corner of the airfield but that is it. Frustrating!!! :triumph:


If you are looking at the stats in the game mine shows I have 119 safe houses unlocked. The problem with that number is I started a new game with a new character after the Sept update didn’t fix the last two missions and I have only been to four areas. Which means that number is going to continue increasing as I explore the other three areas. I saw the map someone had that was supposed to show all the safe houses and I had quite a number that weren’t on that map. I don’t think the stats are very accurate. The only one in my current game that I know is correct is the number of relay beacons I have destroyed and that shows three. In the four areas I have been in that is all I have found. The stats show I have 21 assists, I am playing single player.


Don’t look at the stats…


I counted 92 (including 2 on one of the unaccessible islands):


Thanks, @Falconwillow. That is what I fear too, that the stats aren’t reliable. I’ve only played single and only had a secondary character for a very short while. I’ve compared my safe houses with uploaded maps on the net too, and I believe that I have more than other maps I’ve seen. I might have missed a few, but 14 is a lot :expressionless:


And thanks, @0L0! That is more to my expectations! Then I have to find three more, if I refrain from playing with explosives. So where the heck are they … (I’m not going to peek at your map. I’m definitely not going to peek :wink:)


Yes, but since you can’t use the plundra, any house will do. You haven’t room for anything else - you have to finish the battle with what you’ve got or can snatch during it.

I made it all the way to the bridge, by the way, and then turned back and got bumped by a pack of dogs, just like you. The last one got me! Next time, I shall start on first island again and sneak up on everything and kill it - having made my escape! But you’re right - it’s a different game. I wonder how the Rivals will change it? Will it still be possible, or will they hunt you from the first?

P.S. I did use the plundra, but only for dropping adrenaline shots that I’d found (not using them, obviously) but my main character never has more than 5, so I thought, I’m not letting those go to waste!


I’m really not - I just go slowly and carefully, run away from anything I can’t get a safe shot at. No music, obviously - you need to hear them. Most of my forward movement is in crouch, so it’s slooow, but every time I speed up I die and on X’s H/C Challenge you can’t…


I wouldn’t have the nerve! Too much suspense. When I startet playing GZ I died a lot. It almost put me off playing until I decided not to care. Then it became fun. Now I very rarely die but I’m well equipped and stocked up. If I was to try @Xezr challenge to the northern bridge, I would follow the western coastline. I’m rarely engaged by Iron when following the coast.


Okay, @0L0, I peeked! I would probable never have found the one between Fiskebäck and Villa Solhöjden without your help. That one was beautiful! Thanks buddy! But I wouldn’t peek again! Promise! :crossed_fingers::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s probably up for personal preference, but if you really want to hammer down on going hardcore, disable the enemy detecton indicator. Learn to listen to your surroundings, and soon you’ll be able to hear Hunters before they hear you. Every little sound that stands out will make you crouch down and just listen. It’s great :slight_smile: