Numbing Expert Challenge not progressing after completing "Music Soothes the Soul"

Platform: PC

Description: I can no longer progress the challenge “Numbing Expert” after finishing the “Music Soothes the Soul” challenge. I am stuck at 3/30 on tier 4 and no matter how many or few machines I sneak up on and use a battery pack, the progress has stopped moving after I completed the “Music Soothes the Soul” challenge.

Steps To Reproduce: I have tried exiting the game, restarting the game, fast traveling to new locations, spawning new robots, etc. Car Battery EMP, Small EMP Cell, Medium-sized EMP Cell, and Large-sized EMP Cell do not increment the challenge. I am undetected, at no point has the bar progressed to halfway or orange, etc. when sneaking up on a machine. I have tried throwing small and medium cells, placing a large cell … with and without radios, boomboxes, and comm arrays to lure machine in both in full cover (house/garage/bunker) and out in the open. I have tried using EMP Rockets, I do not get detected before impact … challenge does not increment.

The steps above were working fine and I was able to increment the challenge to Tier 4 while MStS was still incrementing. Once I completed MStS, all progress has stopped. I managed to EMP 8+ machines in the middle of nowhere, not a single count added to the 3/30. It was working fine until I completed “Music Soothes the Soul” and since then, the EMP challenge does not increment.

Other challenges I have not finished are working, only “Numbing Expert” seems to be affected by this. I have tried hosting, joining another game … same results.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host AND Client

Players in your game: Myself only and I have tried with one other friend.

Specifications: Windows 11, 64 GB RAM, AMD 5600x, Nvidia 3070 Ti

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I have the same problem and have tried many different scenarios to disable the machines just as you have. I’m not sure if Music Soothes The Soul has affected mine as well or if it happened during some other update recently. I believe early in March I completed Tier 3 of MStS and was working on Numbing Expert Tier 4 at the time as well. I’m now up to 16 of 25 machines destroyed on MStS tier 4 but Numbing Expert tier 4 (Apocalypse machines) hasn’t incremented past 12/30 for about 2 weeks maybe 3. There’s definitely an issue with the incrementation but I’m not sure if it’s related to MStS or if that was coincidental and perhaps one of the recent updates broke it.