Objects flashing and being replaced by other objects for a split second


So since the feb update i have had this problem. It happens all over the map. I tried reinstalling my game, updating drivers, changing every possible settings and nothing works.

Steps To Reproduce: Walk around the map and see what happens to the objects

Images / Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6qPJFELBvc

Host or Client: Host and Client

Players in your game: Only me but it happens in multiplayer too.


Woah… I’ve seen this issue pop up in another location, it only happened if I stood in a particular spot.
Could be some kind of terrain issue, I’ll forward this.


Hey Lucid,

Did you ultimately fix this issue?


Nope not really. It happens a little. I changed my power plan on my pc and it helped a bit but i still see it happen at some locations. But it’s no biggie



Can you please specify which areas that it’s happening at?


There are not really any “specific” areas. It sometimes happen when i’m in places with alot of diffrent objects (lightposts, fences, doors). But it seems to be really random if it happens or not