Observations - Your experiences

  1. I’ve not been given any type of decent hunting rifle for a loooong time on loot drops? Anyone else notice this? Do 5 stars even exist?

  2. Before I say it’s a bug, I can’t join any PC multiplayer games. I keep getting a message that the “host is no longer available” Anyone else?

I have at least a 5c meusser in my plundra.
One of my characters also has a 5c Älgstudsare, but I’m currently afraid of switching characters. They are there, but rare.

Recently I just got low class hunting rifles.

I’m playing on ps5, but my friend and me experience this sometimes, too, that we can’t join each others games… At least in the first two tries, the third in general is successful.

I’ve been playing since the game was released. Never ever seen a 5c Älgstudsare. But that’s ok. Just have to learn to use the stuff I have :slight_smile:

Now you’re saying that I’m not sure any more. Maybe it’s a sjöqvist, I was thinking about. :thinking:

I got a 5* Älgstudsare a couple weeks ago. They definitely exist.

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Yeah me too, just last weekend I hit the jackpot. A regular FNIX harvester gave me a 5* G79 and a 5* Älgstudsare.

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I have both hunting rifles 5C , can’t remember how long it took but I’ve been playing since about launch!

I’m always host when I play with my friends. And it’s a bit weird but I rarely get any 5c weapons. My friends they get them probably 3 times as often as I do. Same with attachments.

i have every attachment and gun in 5c they all do exist.

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I have the impression that the 3 hunting/sniper rifles we currently have, are the rarest ones to drop from machines.
I only have one 5* Älgstudsare that I got from another player, but would certainly like to have at least 1 more!

I agree, but I don’t know how they could explain the rarity.

Almost the same is for the shotguns in my eyes, at least for higher class ones. The droprates for the dlc guns (especially the higher class ones from the first two weapon packs) on the other hand are much too high.

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i got plenty from machines idk what u mean

Agreed. I always get sooooo many 5c AT-WADs and N9 Extended Magazines when I’m farming on Himfjäll. But never anything new. Very annoying, almost makes me want to uninstall the Weapon Packs. But I think that would get rid of all the DLC guns I already have, right?


I don’t know.
On console I even can’t uninstall dlc-content… Or I don’t know how.

I got the 5* hunting rifles as well - and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them drop occasionally. I believe they drop from harvesters only, so go for FNIX or APOC harvesters for your best chance.


I got both hunting rifles at 5 stars at one point but a bug made them dissappear along with a bunch other stuff last year

I have both hunting rifles 5* but I keep them in my collection/character pack mule that is in game but I also save my game files on a USB drive after all collectables are found after an event. So, if anything happens to the games files I have a back up copy that is not on my computers.

Going to try this today