Occasional short white noise burst


Seemingly unrelated to anything I hear a short (~200 ms) white noise burst every couple of minutes (sometimes longer delay between). Does not happen in any other game or PC use.

Steps To Reproduce:
Run around in the world.

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Host or Client:
Host/single player

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I7 7700k @5GHz, 32GB 3600MHz RAM
2080ti, non overclocked (temps ~65°C)
2560x1080, 110+ fps


I have the same issue as well. It really gave me a few shock moments^^

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It takes me out of immersion if it happens. Does not happen all the time though, did not happen the last hour. Maybe in certain locations? By the sea? Dunno.

I’ve been getting those too during the brief moments I can play the game without it crashing. I didn’t know how to describe it though. You did great! In the very rare sessions where I could play for a while without crashing I didn’t hear that, and when I hear it a lot a crash is inevitably coming soon I’ve noticed.

It happens on PS4 Pro as well.

This issue seems very similar to that weird water splash noise people have encountered as well. Wonder if they’re related :thinking:

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my brother had something where it made the noises it would on a bike when he wasn’t on one

This is happening since the August update for me on PS4 (not pro).

I tried to figure out what the cause can be but no luck so far.
Sometimes it happens just before some sort of event (Lightning flash in the sky or a birdsound being played).
Other times it just sounds at random it seems. KSSST!

It could be tied to items spawning/despawning or even the position of Mercurius relative to the equator on Alpha Centauri.

I want it gone.

Can confirm the noise. But can’t figure out what’s causing it or how i reproduce it


Same problem here. Seems totally random. I have noticed I seem to have it happen more around Saltholmen Church.

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I also got it, it just happens on random, I have spent some time on the east coast lately and it keeps happning every now and then.

It´s like a short sound “burst” with no direct indication to what caused it. At first I thought it was a new mech/radio sound but as my friend did´t hear it… then I just forgot about it. I rembered it now as I saw this thread.

A fix would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Is the white-noise like this, rough 2 second clip.

I have been hearing these randomly happening weeks now.
Interesting thing is now later watched the video, noticed the interaction circle is active same time when you hear the noise.

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That’s what that noise was , on ps4 same here , sounds like a walkie-talkie sound ‘szzzz’ over and out ‘szzzz’ :rofl::+1:

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This link leads me to http://www.white-noise.com/. Did you unintentionally swap link and link address?

I play on PC and i can confirm this annoying noices too.
I got it in different places and also could not reproduce it. It happens rendomly from time to time. Never had this bevor the rival update. Take a closer look what happend in this update with sounds.

There was error on the link, dont know how that slipped in there. Should probably RTFM, fixed it now. Hope it works.

There is a safe house in a cave in the South Coast area where you have to go through water to go in or out of it. I always hear that distorted screwy water sound there but probably only because I don’t really go in the water otherwise. I know exactly what you’re referring to though and also didn’t know how to describe that, and of course it’s all kind of beside the point until they fix it to where it doesn’t crash.

Also, the “white noise”… back in ye olden days of CD/DVD-ROM games they often had the data track as track one with the remaining tracks on the disc being CD audio. You could put the disc in a regular CD player and listen to the game’s soundtrack that way but if you ever accidentally let track 1 play you’d be treated to a nasty blast over your stereo speakers of that same sound which leads me to think they’ve got some kind of codec or audio player issue that is improperly reading the sound file or reading data that’s not actually audio as sound. The incessant crashing many of us have seems to be a memory corruption or violation and if it’s all wrapped up together it wouldn’t surprise me if the data is getting corrupted in memory and coming out as that abrasive digital trash sound.

I’m not hearing it in that I just hear shuffling footsteps. It’s a really loud, extremely abrasive KSSST blast that last half a second and replaces all other sound for that brief moment.

Seem that in your case the sound is much much louder and comes over all other sounds?
What i have noticed in my games that sound just mixes itself with all other sounds, and dont much come over the other sounds.

But i would be pretty sure to say its same exact problem, might be platform difference how sounds are managed.