October Mix, and what's to come

In October’s selection, it follows on from September with the industrial, machined sound. Pushed the boat out on a few experimental tracks, also for consideration for the channel down the line.

With November in sight, release of Resistance will determine how much new content I can make available. A lot had been happening behind the scenes, but all weaves back into the Resistance Update - so if it’s early November - maybe. If it’s late November - I will compress it all into this years Christmas Special. Until then…noises below ( 175bpm )



Thank you to whoever restored it behind the scenes.


I did, though I’ve also moved it to #uncategorized since it’s not really Generation Zero related.

Thanks Zesiir,

Any plans to join Captain Chaos on stream soon?

If you mean Pontus, I’m not sure. I could poke him about it, see if we can get some stuff going for the future.

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