Odd AI behaviour inc ticks & constant fireballs above Klinte

Xbox Series X

If I venture into Klinte on my current save, in the hills overlooking the town there are hunters standing around, sometimes spawning ticks, fireballs and generally just hanging out. Sometimes they’re joined by runners, often they’ll start attacking each other.

If I wander around looting the town I can hear the chaos build on the hillside. Hang around long enough and the game starts to drop frames and crash.

Steps To Reproduce:
This occurs whenever I fast-travel to Klinte.

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What happened with you starting up the base game on that older console you have, and waiting for the devs to come up with a solution?

That’s on my older Xbox One X, using the very original version of the game. The console cannot be connected to the internet as if it went online my save would be corrupted / lost.

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Then why not start another game? This person posting every quirk you can find, isn’t really who you are, I think. You seem angry. Always remember that these are just games. They are trivial in our lives. :coffee:

Oh, I’m not angry, (do I come across as angry?) “posting quirks” is literally what a bug reporting forum is for isn’t it?

I just hope that the locations of these repeatable issues can help shed any kind of clue on what’s going on underneath. I don’t post every issue I find, only ones that are repeatable. And even then not all of those, just the ones I tend to find amusing.


Well, I’m not saying that you should not post these quirks if you want to post them. We live in a free country. But will it help to solve the problem, or would it cloud it?
I think, the quirks are all caused by the same “unknown” problem which is reported already many times.

If you keep making the game more and more unstable, you are very likely to get all kind of new extra quirks. I feel for the console- and PC-players who have problems with the game, but at the same time, I think, would it not be wiser to just stop playing GZ for a while, focus on some other game that is sitting in the backlog, and wait for when we hear from the devs. :man_shrugging:

No hard feelings I hope… You know I like you. :coffee:

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As someone who spends a lot of time testing software and who’s day job is as an IT lead & senior software developer, I’ve never had a situation where I’ve thought “I wish I had less information to help track down this issue”.

But I confess, I look at the list of bugs / reported issues and count myself lucky that I’m not on the receiving end of the resulting Jira tickets. :rofl:

None at all. Likewise. :wink: