Odd Graphical Issue

Hi all,

Been playing the game for a while and just today my screen graphics turned into a photomode Cartoon1 graphics.

If I go to photomode and use normal no filters, I can see the regular game graphics!
LOL Did I hit a key or is there a key i can hit to return the graphics back to normal!??

Loving the game but I feel like I’m in an A-ha video.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Take off the glasses :rofl:


That’s hilarious!

Dumdumdumdumdum, twenty

you put on a set of glasses that adds a filter to the game. Take the glasses off.

As stated above, that effect is intended with the Heart Shaped Glasses. There are two other sets of Easter Egg glasses in the game as well, that give different visual effect.

Since there is no bug, added appropriate tag to the topic.


so mid game i went to inventory to add new items in slots. upon exit the game suddenly display a cartoony mode? I did not activate any photo mode or anything. i have restarted the game, swapped characters etc etc but the cartoony mode remain. any advise on what to do? im on gaming pc (laptop) que

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Try using different glasses :wink:


HA HA HA! I’m a f***ing potato! Thank you! :crazy_face:

…but wait…i swapped character that didnt have the glasses and the cartoon world remained…? :face_with_monocle:

That sound’s like the common GZ bug. Somehow there is no check for the application of the filter in regards to the glasses of the current player.

oh well…thx for ur quick reply. at least its fixed now…

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