Odd happenings in game

ran into a recent set of issues. 2 big ones, 1 - splash screen for achieving the charge attack augment goals seems to save itself in the UI. so whenever you pick up an item or use an item or it shows press x to anything you see it. a game reset fixed the issue and unsure if it is for all splases. 2 - game failing to save the last few min of inv management and augmenting. twice now i went and augmented a weapon and did general inv management and it just seemed to have not happened. also having an issue with viewing choices in companion “shop”. lastly an issue with viewing weapon skins. this may be due to my graphics driver needing an update and atm just not wanting to. running this on PC with almost everything on ultra graphics. i think water is high because i like to listen to music and it has everything run smoother. also steam version