Off the Grid challenge 1 bug

Platform: PC/Steam

Description: I have discovered all FENIX outposts before purchasing the FNIX RISING DLC and now I’m unable to complete the challenge.

I explored the South Coast without having the Fnix rising expasion and discovered every Fnix outpost (I think)
I only bought the expansion today.
One of the new challenges requires to find 5 Fnix Outposts.
So basically because of my early exploring, having everything already discovered I can´t unlock it, and have to wait for new Fnix outposts to be introduced in new revamp areas to unlock it right ?

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Same issue topics merged.


November '20 update brought new FNIX outposts to Farmlands region (e.g one at Airfield, another just West of airfield). If you haven’t discovered them before, look if those count for the challenge.

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Same issue

Xbox one.

I actually managed to find 6 other outposts, but I was lucky, look everywhere at the South Coast, there are only 2 other in the Farmlands Region.

I have the same issue. Most outposts were discovered before DLC purchase. Stuck on 4 of 5. Is there a workaround or is this just bugged and not to be fixed?
Playing on PlayStation 4/5.

Finally you could start a second world, take a motorbike as soon as you come to the first church and drive to 5 outposts.