Offer a 'Beta' selection on Steam

I suggested this a few days ago and I’d like to know if there’s any interest among the PC player base - Steam offers a opt-in selection of ‘Beta’ builds for games. Usually, a developer uses this to offer previews of the upcoming game version for beta testers, but others offer older versions of their game as a ‘roll-back’ for speedrunners, various builds for modders etc.

I’m currently playing the ever-popular April 2020 edition of Generation Zero because I like suffering :cold_face:
Others mentioned their interest in playing the original release version, the first edition of Himfjäll etc.

So: Is there any interest in making this an option? The work involved for Avalanche/Systemic Reaction should be minimal - they can simply unlock older builds as necessary.

Add ‘beta’ builds to the Steam version
  • Yes
  • No

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And if there are standout versions you want to play - which ones are the most popular releases?
If there is similar functionality for the consoles, feel free request that one, too. I’m not up to date on how Sony and Microsoft handle stuff right now…