Official loot table request

Easy enough to understand. An official source for drops.

  • What each machine can drop

  • The percentages for each iteam

  • Any modifiers (if they were to exist)

Everytime drops and RNG are brought up. A lot of it seems like speculation. This kinda works as with a large enough play time you can get ideas for drops, but this is far from perfect.

I believe one of the reasons given for no solid numbers is to preserve this “mystery” or whatever. To make sure the game is not brought down to min-maxing. From what I can tell, this does the opposite. I have not once thought the lack of info, (such as drops and damage stats), has been fun.

Basically apply what I said here to damage stats and health amounts as well.

From what I can understand, this can be done manually with methods not appreciated here. Sure would be a lot easier if they were suppllied officially.


Is this a question, a request or just a statement??? :thinking:

I’m all for having more data. I would also ask for the exact mechanics and stats of the weapons at that point, how are the multipliers for AP vs. FMJ, how much more damage does the exp AG4 do? Some hard stats about weapons and how armor etc. works would be awesome.



It is a request.

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I agree. I feel this could go a long way in helping players understand the game for the better.

Yes, yes and yes!

This would be so nice to have.

I´ve been playing the game since late 2019, have not found a single AG4 5* but have several AG4 6*. Same goes for some other weapons that for some reason is super rare but should not be rarer than the experimental weapons in my opinion.
Somewhere in the code is something strange…

This would still be a gaming feature to have. AFAIK it would also be easy to implement.

Been requested for ages now.

Only way to get solid answers AFAIK is datamining, which they do not want you to do. But it seems at this point it is the only way.

Cannot wait for the loot table DLC pack tho.


A game that’s one main working feature is grinding should definitely have one of these by now.