OFFLINE/ONLINE game performance

Dear Devs and community alike,

So after playing the game sinds launch one thing has me curious about game performance…

Question 1:

  • does it make any difference playing offline or online when you are looking for 6☆ weapons?
    Question 2:
  • does the reaper spawn when playing offline?

My platform is PS4 pro, and i am asking these questions because i am experiencing extremely lag and frame drops ONLINE, when disconecting my PS4 pro from the internet my game runs smoother.
My concern is ofcourse; will I be missing out on special weapons and Reaper spawns.

I am max level but have not yet met the Reaper and I have not yet found all 6☆ weapons.

Thank you in advance! And a very good 2021 to you all, may GENERATION ZERO game continue to thrive and amuse us all!!


Only difference, that could be considered, is when you play with your buddies and they are willing to share 6* weapons they find. <- If that is true, you can increase your chances of getting 6* weapons from your buddies. If it isn’t true, it doesn’t matter if you play solo or MP.


Though, do note that your region level should be at least 21 (preferably more) and Reaper also counts as one of the regular Rivals. Meaning that when you have 8 Rivals per region, there is no room for Reaper to spawn in.

Good tactic is to level up your region, e.g to level 23 or so, and then kill the weakest Rival, so that your region level doesn’t drop below 21. After that, there are good chances that Reaper spawns next.
For even better chances, max out the region level (25) and then kill one Rival to make room for Reaper. This way, your region level should remain 23 or 24.

Might want to poke your ISP and ask them what the issue is. Or upgrade to faster upload/download speed connection.

Thanks so much for explaining and answering my questions.
About my internet connection, on paper +/_ 500 MB/s and upload +/_ 100/s …wich to be true is BS, because when downloading a game i have never reached more than a 100 MB/s for a few seconds before dropping to a steady 40 MB/s
I use a direct cable from my router to the PS4.
I really don’t know what to do with my internet, it’s sometimes damn frustrating,

But thank you again :wink::+1:t2:

playing on ps4pro as well and having same extremly bad lags (drops to 5fps) when more machines are around or when im in specific are, mostly fnix structure…and i have much faster internet connection… looks like playin offline is right option, coz im playin solo only

GZ is already borderline games for consoles and this is the reason why FPS drops when there’s a lot going on around you.

Btw, the image you uploaded is so small that i can only make out that you’re on Himfjäll. Why would you upload screenshot of your map - i have no idea.

Must be a hardware (console) problem. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

i7-4770K 3.5 GHz
GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB GPU
1440p, 165hz Freesync monitor.

Not one single hiccup or frame rate drop in 219 hours. :sunglasses:
Generation Zero runs like a dream, both solo and with others.
If it lags in MP, it’s usually a connection issue.

i didnt upload any image :slight_smile:

definitely its ps4pro hardware limitation, testing playing off/online … its the same, anyway…i bought the pc version of this game as well so i´ll give it a try but with my laptop specs: i7-6700hq 2,6GHz / gtx1060 6gb and 16gb RAM im afraid playin´on 55´ tv screen at least 2K will be not enjoyable … nevermind, at least some little support for devs team