Og derfor elsker jeg GZ




Oook tatt noen øl men dere vet:)

John Kr


Okay, now it suddenly all makes sense! Skynet is sending back these machines to eighties Sweden to make sure that Stålenhag and the devs from Generation Zero are never born to make copyright infringements against the movie Terminator. That just gave me an even bigger incentive to destroy these sinister machine as I really need my favourite game developers to continue elaborating and enhancing this cool game :blush::+1:


En kald øl på bordet, death metal på øret og GZ; perfekt kombo :metal:


English only, guys. Please edit your posts or provide translations or the posts will get removed.


Sure, translated from norwegian it would be:
A cold beer on the table, death metal in my ear and GZ, a perfect combo :metal:

He said he loved GZ and the post was posted after a “few” beers…

Cheers mate :beers: