Ok. I'm confused and idk

So I’m fairly new to the game, but I’ve gotten the hang of it pretty fast, what I can’t understand is why every time I do something. I get swarmed no matter how slow I go. And secondly. Why are some of these missions so hard o.O I don’t play online. I’m a solo gamer… Some of this missions are to difficult for me alone. And I’m at a loss on what to do.

You can’t Rambo your way through the game. If you try, you’ll die a lot. Instead, pick your battles and sometimes it’s better to run away and try again. Also, take cover. Houses are best since you can shoot machines through windows.

As far as difficulty goes, you can adjust it from game settings. Adventurer being the easiest with least amount of machine spawns, among other things.

Any specific mission you’re talking about? But overall, read the mission tasks from Log menu.

Yea the resistance mission

I suggest doing the resistance mission LAST, when you’ll be at level 31, have good weapons, and probably with at least one additional player in coop :upside_down_face:

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Cheers. Didn’t realise you could change the difficulty… And thank you for the advice.

The resistance is the final main mission in the DLC. On the whole, the DLC is a serious step up in difficulty from the base game. So, the thing you’re struggling with is, literally, the most difficult content in the game. Which means, you’re doing fine.

You’ll also need a lot of ammo ;.)