Old First Aid Kits in world

Platform: PC

Description: What I assume are old iterations of the First Aid Kit can be found placed in-world in at least two areas.

Steps To Reproduce: Visit the following areas. Two can be found at Häckebergasjön (-1345, -1589); on the second floor of the house. And one at Bjurfallet (-1530, -2117); on the first floor next to a body.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: None

Specifications: Intel i7 8700k, Nvidia RTX 2080ti

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OH, that is what those are about. I found one but did not understand it so put in storage. Thanks for the information!

It isn’t a bug. Instead, it is an Easter egg. Namely from another Systemic Reaction game: theHunter:Call of the Wild.

@Autosage @Telpereon Although it´s classified as a “standard first aid kit” I Just used one of those for the first time, and they can heal almost all of your health, they heal more or the same “points” as an advanced first aid kit does…

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Oh really? Last time I heard about them, they were not intended to be in the game if I understood it correctly, so I threw mine away :rofl:

Well, it would be one heck of a coincidence, for a dev to take another game’s asset and include it in the GZ, while not replacing all Standard first aid kits (if it would’ve been a mistake) but instead hand place few of them into the game, for players to find.

Same goes with the Holy Hand Grenade, that replaced few, but not all grenades in the game for a limited time.


As of December '20 update, that first aid kit has been removed from the game.

That’s a sad thing, since it was the best first aid kit in the game. It heals more than 95 HP per consumption (i was at 5 HP when i used it and it filled my HP, to 100 HP) and health regen rate is also very fast, only slightly slower than that of a Semla.

I still have some in my storage (part of my rare collection). :smile:

Few screens of it

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I’d love to have this asset in variations for the medkit like in greenish, yellowish and reddish :grin:

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@Aesyle It was?
Why did they removed it?
Makes no sense…
They take months to fix bugs but have time to “turn off the button” that allows for a secret item to be active :man_facepalming: .
Adding some boost for the weapons pack drop probability would be more efficient than removing the special first aid kit.

Edit. I checked both locations and it´s true…they are normal first aid kits.

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According to the internal source, they were not intended to be part of the game. And they were removed in December '20 update.

For similar, not intended content: gnometick pods + gnome masks, which only appeared in MP sessions in Östervik and that too very unreliably.
And for another not intended content: 5* .50 cal just at the end of Archipelago region, in a locked car trunk (replies about it).

In one of the latest dev streams, Pontus did mention that next update is bringing us higher chance to find U.S. weapons from random loot.