Easter Eggs Compilation

yeah, my bf and i are playing right now and loaded about 100 rockets into it with the exp launcher before we decided to scroll to the end of this page to realize we cant get in it. i hope they make it available again because this would have been really cool to see in-game.

This is a bit on the darker side and I’m not sure if this is what it’s referring to, but I think I might have stumbled upon the “Jonestown” of GenZ. -1568.94, -1575.580. Not quite the numbers, but I mean. . . . there’s empty cups, books, and lit candles. Strangely enough every “hippy” had ammo on them. There was also 4 lawn chairs setup all across the ravine. Someone else might be able to sleuth this better than me. I just came across it.


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They are members of Ljuset Commune. A small community that didn’t use technology in their everyday life and who worshiped the machines like gods. They are introduced in “The Secluded” side mission in Himfjäll.


Every body that you find in GZ will have ammo or medkits on them, even if they are pacifists. I guess that’s how the loot works for bodies in GZ.

idk where to put this but at 2.25 there is the hunter healthkit, it toke the community a year to find this in game.

Topic about it: Old First Aid Kits in world

And it has removed from the game at current date.

Though, it was the best first aid kit in the game. It heals more than 95 HP per consumption (i was at 5 HP when i used it and it filled my HP, to 100 HP) and health regen rate is also very fast, only slightly slower than that of a Semla.

Few screens of it

As in 100% no longer at its spawn location? Damn.

I also was made aware that these were the standard health kits from call of the wild


The topic i linked, it’s spawn loc is shown in one specific house. If you were to go that house now, you’d be seeing standard first aid kits where those special first aid kits used to be. I hiked there to get more but was saddened that they aren’t there anymore.

Yes. And due to that, i consider them as Easter eggs. Though, inside source said they were a bug, rather than an Easter egg.

Even tho it is true that they are unavailable, they still exist, i have 10 of them, but there is no way to find them in the world!

By “removed”, i meant that the spawn locations were removed.

There are many items that once did spawn in the game and doesn’t spawn right now, e.g: Semla, Fireworks Box, Holy Hand Grenade, that First Aid Kit and probably Gnometick Pod as well.


Looted one semla and several gnometickpods last night;-)

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So being February they secretly activated the Semla cakes again?
Or you found them in Ostervik playing multiplayer?

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Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

Also, last time Semla was part of the game was in 24th of February '20, during Fettisdagen.

With February '21 update around the corner, chances are that Semla makes reappearance.

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He said he found it with a gnome-tick. Usually when you get the gnome to spawn there are semlor in the house too.

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how do you get gnome ticks?

They very rarely spawn in houses as an easter egg. You just have to get lucky.

Check out this thread, for documentation :slightly_smiling_face:

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So far I’ve found 3 semlas, all during gnomesessions. And I started playing on ps4 april ’20 after 1000 hours on pc…

The semla appears for the player that the gnomevent is for e.g. the player that can’t interact with the doors on the house.

But ofcourse you are absolutely correct, its not supposed to be in the game now, nor the gnometick pods either.

PS. I’ll remember to take a screenshoot next time;-)

Yep, in the yellow house by the watertower during a gnomesession.

I think Semlor aren’t meant to spawn outside of the event, but some houses can have them anyway, perhaps due to an oversight.


I opened it up with a couple of mags of 7.62…