Tick-sized... Gnomes?


I haven’t seen this anywhere else, so… Here goes. Me and a friend encountered it during a late night session. Scared the crap out of me. Exploring a house in Östervik, we found several Gnomes inside standing with their backs against us. Attempting to pick them up, caused this to happen:

They dropped advanced medkits, 9mm ammo, .50 BMG ammo, regular Tick Pods (we didn’t have the perk), and well… These.

They stopped spawning after a while and were replaced with regular Ticks, so I believe this was some kind of random encounter.

Letter from the Team - February 14th

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear…


That is super creepy! :grimacing:


Looks like a new easter egg. :grin:

Any pointers which house it was? (Need to get it for my collection. :star_struck: )


I want now some dalahorse runners :smile:


IF it was this house:

I wonder how the heck you got in, since the front door have no option to open? Looking through the window next to the ladder, I can see a gnome inside, just like on your screenshot.


Ok, now I’m really confused. Returning to the very same house after starting the game up again, the gnome is gone and the door on the front could be opened? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


House seen on Xezr’s screen is at 705, 53. Took some running and searching to find it.

No gnometicks in there for me, but i have a theory.
It is possible that gnometicks appear only when it’s night IRL Sweden and perhaps, it should also be night at your game.


Me and a friend were playing, the doors were openable for me but not for him. But I was able to lure the Gnome Ticks out of the house so he could loot them too. After I had put a Field Radio on the balcony though, he could open the door and get in that way.

@Aesyle’s night theory sounds like it’s worth testing.


LOL, that is scarier than the Tank at FOA4 :rofl:


That Gnome-Tick is from a mod named “High class machines”…


I don’t use mods, so that’s a negative.


And your friend hasn’t ever used that mod???
Becuase what you describe about loot is identical to mod description too.


Nope, and it was my session.


Have to explore and find that house, tonight Swedish local time to see if it happens.
Been around the map exploring “closed” houses and areas to see if I can teleport in to them with a radio but never seen a closed one with gnomes.


Allrighty. This modding potential could pull me in the side of mods for this game.

This is creepy, unusual and certainly intriguing :smiley:


i found exact the same thing also in Östervik. was searching some houses and was wondering why the front door was locked. i took the back door and found these gnome there. i got the info i could pick it up but then it transformed in these tick gnomes and screamed at me. but i also was able to loot one of the gnome pods


Hmm, that means that they could exist in more houses than the one I posted above, since on that house there wasn’t a back door. Interesting. Does this mean I have to stay up all night to see if I can get a shot at this :rofl:


as i discovered these ticks they was located in 6 house. in all over house the ticks looks normal


Nice, thank you. So - stay awake all night, or what? :smiley: