Easter Eggs Compilation

I love a good easter egg! I keep seeing new ones pop up every now and then, so i thought we could start a thread to compile a list of what people have found so far. If you consider these spoilers, don’t read on!!


These are the ones I’ve come across so far - I’ll add more to the list as and when people find them. Happy hunting!

Edit - Updated Dark Souls Bonfire location (Thanks Boston_51)


Dark souls fire is located at these coordinates below and not what you have listed, would you mind editing your post? I find it odd that the GZ wiki page has the same coordinates you have listed, even though they aren’t correct.

2209, 3186


Thanks! Edited and added a link to your recent discovery to the list.

Yeah I wasn’t sure about that one, I don’t know what it is a reference too :slight_smile:

Time to bump this thread with something I just found. Ever read the back of the Field Radio?

Translated Text:


“Place on ground, wait until friend arrives. It’s hard to
read this so I can (do) whatever I want.
(unintelligible)… A trophy and a confession.
I’m gonna split this panel with a line in the middle,
then I won’t need to write so much on this side. It’s
so boring with this random row of text…”

Hey, texture artist! I found your easter egg! :smile:


That’s absolutely fantastic

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Excellent, great find!

Xezr, can you add this one to this thread? One of the best ones IMHO.


found a Bjork 300 with trashcans in the trunk and vertical wheels in a barn, clear back to the future reference, and also found the “stairway to heaven” that silently blows you up…

Can you give locations pls?

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A familiar game in one of the buildings in IGA Industrial Facility:


… and indestructible too. Can you actually play it???

Credit to IanForce for the confirmation, but there is a Flying car as well meant to represent BTTF.

Unfortunately no :frowning: It’s just a looped animation.

I found the BTTF easter egg last night. Its very cool, moves as it hovers, has gull wing doors and a set of four date/time devices on the dash…


Did you press the button at the back between the two trash cans?

I didn’t, I will have to go back!

And… can anyone translate please?

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Petrol prices are going up … yeah, what else is new :wink:


… and it seems that the world tour venues are the local library, a primary school, something like a town hall, and the yard in front of the bakers shop. It might not perfect translation but it should give a general idea …


Awesome. So “Ash of the Flesh” have really hit the big time? :sunglasses: