Easteregg in "Hogging Supplies" mission

I’m not sure if people are interested in this one that I found,
but I thought it could be worth sharing for those who like hunting Eastereggs:

An easteregg can be found in the mission “Hogging Supplies”.

The item of this quest is hidden in what is called “Snowball’s pen”.

Snowball is a character (one of the piggs) from a book called “Animal Farm”
by George Orwell (1945).

A book truly worth reading if I may say so.
It’s about an animal rebellion against humans on a farm.
The book is quite political but can also be read just as a simple story.

One of the best quotes in the book IMO is:
"All animals are equal."

Which later on in the book unfortunatelly evolves into another quote:
Al animals are equal, but some are more equal.

I changed/translated this second quote for myself to something new:
"Al animals are equal, but unfortunatelly some think they are more equal."

Anyway, Snowball’s pen, that"s an easteregg right there :slight_smile:

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I found that one yesterday. I thought it was awesome too! :smiley:


The Algstudsare with a 4-8x scope, both in Good condition was a nice find, too.

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To be honest ,I found this one a day after the releasedate of the game
but I thought no one would care about a character from a 1945 novel.
So I was wrong, cool to see that I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

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Wow! Awesome find! Also the title “hogging” supplies. Good find! I loved Animal Farm

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