Old Generation Zero disk

I have an older disk of generation zero for Xbox. I’m wondering what patch/ updates may be on it or is it more of a day one kind of situation?

Hey there. How old is your disk? If you know the general age you can compare it with the Patch history in the Generation Zero Wiki.

Hope this helps

In general there are no patches/updates on the discs. It’s just the day-1-version.
But of course there are rereleases like a gold-version, which includes all free updates and dlc and maybe even some or all paid dlc.
I don’t know if there has been such a version of Generation Zero.

Im pretty sure its an unplayable version.
The game was a very big mess in the beginning.
So make sure to update the game version.
The game is a lot better now, i see no reason to play it with the day one or first month update (if thats even in the Disk)

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