Old west weapons

Hello there! I’ve been playing since release off and on and I am absolutely loving the game with it’s gunplay! I’ve seen that we already have a .44 magnum in the game, but i would like to see some other wild west weapons added as well! Below is my suggestion is for a few new weapons to possibly make into a Wild west weapons DLC that I think many of us would enjoy

  • 357 Magnum or Colt 45 revolver.

A 6 shooter that is controllable enough for the player to fan fire from the hip Cowboy style!
Same ammo types as the 44 magnum (hollow point and FMJ)

  • 45-70 Lever action rifle.

Hard hitting rifle with that classic lever action compatible with a scope and loaded one round at a time. Ammo variants could include:
Soft point,
Hard cast, (better vs armor)
and maybe a spicy explosive one for a new tier 6 craftable type that explodes on impact)

  • Double barrel, Side by side, break action shotgun.

Simple. Two barrels, two shots. Switching fire modes swap between firing one at a time, or give em both barrels with twice the recoil!
(same 12 gauge shells unless ya wanna do the work and go big with 10 gauge.)

The cherry on top for the pack could be some western themed clothing available to be scavenged from downed bots (cowboy hats, spirred boots, etc.)

Thanks for taking the time to check out my suggestion! Keep it up

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