OMG - me so stupid - Hilarious

I have been playing Generation Zero since it’s release date.
Yesterday I discovered something new in the game(hihihi).
Yep, after one entire week of already being in the game,
having unlocked the entire map.

I thought this discovery was so hilarious and I felt sooooo stupid
that I decided to share this just because I still start laughing when I think of it.

I found out just yesterday, yes, after an entire week of GZ in-game experiance,
that you can actually revive “yourself” with those adrenaline shots.

OMG am I stupid or what.

I thought about these adrenaline shots way to logically.
I thought : How can one administer himself adrenaline to revive when he is dead?
I truly thought they where only meant for CO-OP gaming to revive teammates.

So up to yesterday I simply didn’t pick them up. I simply ‘never’ used them.
Every time I died in these last 7 days I had to respawn at a Safe house and
make my way all the way back to the enemy to continue the fight.

So I have been playing the entire map with only that one single lifebar you get.

I really feel stupid now, muhahaha :rofl:
My mistake, you should test stuff when you are new to a game.
Lesson learned. I bet those Hunters won’t be so hard to kill anymore
if I have 5 of those adrenalin shots in my inventory to revive myself in-combat.

Just imagine, one life bar, respawning with every kill at a safehouse, for the last 7 days.
O.M.G. !!! Hilarious :joy::joy::joy:


That’s funny! You unwittingly made the game so much harder for yourself. :smile:

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Yep, I believe I did. Muhahaha.
And I already thought it was strange seeing no one mentioning enemy groups
becomming quite invinsible in solo op when you reach a high XP level.
Turns out it was just me being stupid. hehehe :rofl:

Well, I see it positive, unwillingly I have come up with a really simple way
of playing this in “Ultra Hard” mode :joy: I hope this pitty excuse hides atleast
a bit how stupid I have actually been, soon they’ll start to call this the “Moon mode”
muhahaha :rofl:

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