On the hunt, if you want to Phone Home!

While I love to roam around and try and find all kinds of stuff, I would like to share that fun in a sort of challenge for when you think you need a mission. :wink:

I have been hunting for telephone booths and so far I have found 29.

There are 2 Regions Himfjäll & Marshland that yielded one telephone booth each in the whole region. So I was thinking I must have missed some. Are you hunters game? Post map locations if you want to play.


Just found number 30. So I hadn’t gotten them all. :cowboy_hat_face:

Where is the one on Himfjäll you found?
Yesterday I saw one at Österhällan Marine Center. I’ll keep my eyes open.

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Yes, that the one. In stenmyra is the one I found in Marshlands. 29 are marked on the map, but just a small white square with T in it. The 30th I found in Småbåtshamnen, that not uploaded yet.