One can only hope XB1

Finished the quest and yet the indicator on the map still leads me to the bunker to complete the quest.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: I have this exact issue as well. The June update is focusing on mission related bugs so I hope to see a fix for this issue when it releases!

So, after reading through the May patch notes, I decided to reinstall this and see what’s what. Well. I can’t fast travel, to any of my unlocked safe houses Not on the first island. That would be eight safe houses I’m going to not be able to get to other than traversing the nerffed enemies as a level 10 character. I keep asking myself, why do I continue to try and give this game a chance?

I just made an identical topic, sorry I should have looked further down. Good to know it’s not just me having this problem.

I’m starting to wonder if I should leave this game for a good few months until it’s more polished and I can have a better experience.

I had the same thought. Read some positives in the last patch notes and thought I’d give it another shot. I really do want to play this. But. What I can’t understand is why, as a single player, mainly due to time constraints I have, I should have a harder time of it because enemies are even harder to deal with. I absolutely love the idea of the story in general. But having enemies become harder to defeat and avoid by way of a patch just doesn’t lead to a fun experience. Not to mention that when I quit after an hour, because I DO work for a living and play other games, the enemies respawn and I have to go through them AGAIN, in their nerffed form. It really is getting tedious. I made tremendous progress the first week. Now, after a few game patches, I’m down to covering minimal distance due to enemie respawns and difficulty.
Again, I really want to continue with this, but it looks like, due to my current LIFE situation, I’ll just have to pass for the next 7 years until I retire at 55! Of course then, the servers for this title will be shut down. This IS the last live service title I purchase. D O N E!

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The bug report has been acknowledged and the thread has derailed into offtopic, so I’ll be locking this now.

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