One of the things I've pondered

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while, and I’ve wondered about some things. Like, the machines can hear me when I’m out of sight and come after me, I can lure them with radios and boomboxes, but, when I play the organ’s in the Church’s they can’t hear that? Even when I can see some right outside, there’s no reaction from them… Weird…

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Comm Lures, organs has been little bit wonky for long time. Sometimes you place comm lure on ground and you have visible line of sight to machines. They just bolt to 90 degrees of from your location, like AI pathing calculation was missing Y or X coordinates from the calculation.
Effective devices are radios and boomboxes, they do their job on their limited range.
And making flying seekers angry with flares. These are the options i use most.

If you want to attract machines to the church ring the bell. But the organ does nothing.