OneClick Pick Up Stacks Please

Why do we have to click twice to pick up stacks? 99% of the time one wants to pick up the entire stack when looting, so what is the point of making the user click twice?

I often select what I want when I’m close to carry capacity

On PC side you pressing E and R (take all) which also closes the container?

Most times i do want to select what to loot, and now specially that tag for search icon helps thing alot. Which there was button to pickup all taged items only and close container.

On PC you hit the “E” key to open and look at the loot, you can then scroll through and select what you want, leaving what you don’t want. If you want all of the loot you then hit “R”.

You can be selective at the time of picking up loot or have to stop and drop everything you don’t want. In the case of rivals and the reaper you could get over 12 weight units if you took all without being selective about it and if there are more than a few rivals at one time then you could pick up so much useless loot that you can’t move. Then you may want a single press of a button to sort out junk.