Only ammo dropping from rivals

A few people on a stream were grinding rivals and were only getting ammo, they did not get any other loot like steel rubber etc or exp guns other then the host, the host would get all the loot and all are far above the level were exps would drop. This has been happening to them sense dangerous experiments dropped.

If anyone has any idea what is happening, or anyway to fix it it would be appreciated.

Link to their stream were we talked about it: Twitch

It should be at least since dark skies update.
With the introduction of the 4 worlds there are some parts of multiplayer broken. (i.e. no mission progress transfer for guests from multiplayer to own world)

I experienced the issue with the loot, too. As my friend got about 6 experimental weapons on monday, I didn’t get a single weapon at all.

I’m not really sure, but this could even be since landfall, but not as extreme.

There is no way to fix this, the devs need to fix it as it became broken within Dangerous Experiments. Only the host will ever get more than ammo from machines, clients will never get crafting materials, attachments or weapons.

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Thank you for the info.

Last time me and my friend played two days ago. He was guest. He only got a little ammo from rivals and only for weapons he didn’t carry. But before latest update there was no problem. He usually even got more weapon drops than me the host.

I am also experiencing this issue since the latest update (while playing as a client on a friends world). I noticed even the quantity of ammo being dropped from Rivals is insulting. Playing in my own world is obviously fine however.

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