OP Hunter Flame thrower

So, as I and my dad have played this on our PS4, we have found that the apocalypse hunter’s flamethrower is entirely too powerful. The range and damage output is actually pretty realistic, but the WAY it damages you leaves a bit to be desired.

To get right to the point, the flamethrower shouldn’t be able to shoot through walls. I mean walls with windows I can kind of see, but I’ve died sooooo many times because I’ve been shot through solid objects. This is incredibly frustrating, if for no other reason because it’s so illogical. So if the devs could change this, it would be much appreciated. Nothing else about it would need to change, only make it so they cant shoot you through solid walls, especially ones with no windows.


I see the same issue with gas attacks.
Sure, some gas WILL leak thru windows and cracks in the wall, but given equal pressure inside and outside of the house, gas should not flow unhindered thru solid objects.

This is especially frustrating when inside bunkers and other, supposedly gas-tight compartments.

The hunter jump attack can also damage you inside a house or under some obstruction witch also seems like a WTF-moment.

And finally; A shockwave from an explosion should not blow thru walls and rock with full force while leaving the house and/or bunker doors intact.

Essentially; if one were to take cover inside a closed bunker and set off a large explosion outside; you would not sustain any injury, no shockwave, no heat and no shrapnel.
Ive tried this myself (military training) and know for a fact that bunkers are safe if the explosive charge is less than whats needed to destroy the bunker or at the very least, puncture the shell.

If the bunker door (or other, large enough leak) is open, the shockwave will enter the bunker, harming and possibly killing the occupants.


You raise a good point. I didn’t even think about adding the gas into this thread, but in hindsight it kinda belongs here.

But yeah, the blade is also an issue. In general, they just need to make the hunter less OP.

Hmm… I wouldn’t go as far to say Hunters are OP, in my eyes they are what they are a fast and responsive strike force.

The problem about OPness lies more in the sloppy mechanics of gas flow, fire and even explosions/shockwaves which seemingly don’t have a real collision penalty when passing through solid objects. At least mostoften.
Oh and the same problem applies to the railgun shots of hunters, the object penetrating capabilities of these are sometimes hilarious imho.

So either some kind of rework of the gas/fire/explosion mechanics when passing through solid objects might help with that or we need at least better means and resistances against gas to reduce that pain in the a… err… lower back.

My 2 Ct.

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Yes, thank you for the clarification. The hunters themselves are not the issue, it’s just all of the various weapons they wield are not bound by physics, that is the problem.

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