Open letter to the devs: Release the fix on PS4 before the DLC

  • Please note, this post is NOT about the upcoming(?) DLC or its alleged release, but about a separate fix for the April update on PS4. *

Most players would agree that the April update broke the game on PS4. The devs soon reported that the problems would be solved in the next update and that the fix would be bundled with new DLC. Before long further reports announced that the April problems had been ironed out but there were problems with the DLC that needed solving.

Since then, that has been an ongoing issue. For, roughly, one third of Generation Zero’s existence. While I am a firm believer in doing roll backs when updates breaks software I understand that rolling back the April update now is not an option due to compatibility issues.

At this point in time, I no longer believe that the DLC problems will be solved. And if they are, the time frame is, at best, uncertain. With that said: Why not release the PS4 fix for the April update separately from the DLC? This question has been asked but there has not been any response from the devs on the matter.

So I ask you, the devs, why not release the fix and then go back to working on the DLC (or whatever you choose to do)?


The general idea seems to be, to always release a patch at the same time as DLC, but keep them separate. I don’t think that has changed. I’m also a supporter of rollbacks if things don’t work the way they’re supposed to, though honestly don’t know if the game engine supports it.

I base this on an answer I saw during a dev stream, it stuck to my mind. I’m sure someone more resourceful than me can look it up.

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Factually: Mosty player activity (Miss Aesyle can get deeper into this, sir) was after the April’s patch.
While sure, some complained, most seemed to REALLY like this slightly harder mode.
Since ever, if had brought something back: the feeling of actual achieving.

Machines did no longer drop dead if you looked at them, actually fought back, and good, too.
So, “April’s patch broke the game”?
I think, it was the way around, rather, sir…

Sure, a few modifications could have been done, like the AWESOME sniper hunter killing you in no time from “miles away”, or the Harvester basically “flat-bombing” your area… but overall, it was for most, apparently, a job well done, after the before broken machines and their AI…

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Add also to fix the fire blast from hunters hitting you from a very long distance and it going through walls and ground surface. … All of these things make it harder to beat them, but that’s not the point. It’s the fact that it takes away from realism. When you’re in the moment, it just takes you out of it right away.

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Yes, it might not have been perfect, but dayum, they were on the right track…

Which “realism”, sir?
If these actually existed… you would not be able to move a foot.
In reality, you would not have gotten to the point you “spawn”…
So I fully disagree there, sir.

Agree, some nerfing of the air-concussion hunter which you sometimes can’t even see in a 6-12x Scope and hit you through several walls could be nice.
The harvs area off effect blitz bombing could also be nerfed a bit and I even could suggest that only one harv at the time could spawn Hunters. A few days ago at Øverby Airbase I had two harvs simultanously spawning 2 Hunters each endlessly, besides I had to deal with a tank and another harv (rival 4). The pile of Hunters outside the doors of the ammo bunker I was trapped in grew to a size I even couldn’t look out the doors. No way to clutch this situation…but I kind of liked it too :slight_smile:

My hope for a future update in ragard to to difficulty would be Guerilla stays as on PS4 right now with some tweeks as mentioned above.
Skirmish would be tuned down to like Adventure right now and Adventure would be a lot easier so there’s something in there for everyone.

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Agreed, sir.
Also that carpet bombing ‘should’ be addressed.
And maybe other things as well.
I am not a total idiot (God, please don’t let me be a total idiot…), I know, that a “one-step-death” mode would be the end of GZ… :slight_smile:

I spoke of sir Raco’s “realism”.
Well, ever seen an automobile welding machine miss the welding spots?
Machines… DON’T MISS… simple truth.
So his realism is not the actual real life realism, if you speak of realism, it should be based on that: factual, proven, real life data, not some fictive data and call it realism.

But that would be the true end of the game.
Still, as is (for NON-PS4)… it’s bad.
Whatever you do, it’s just not a fulfilling feeling you get from accomplishing anything, “as it’s basically handed to you”.

April’s patch should return, as an optional mode, and tweaked for more GAME realism.

Hey ma’am, factually? Please… “I fully disagree there”. :roll_eyes:

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Sir, first of all, I am male.
Just for the record.

Secondly: so you state the realism should not be based on facts, science?
It should not be based on real life?
OK, I am apparently very wrong, here.
What should it be based upon then, sir?

What is the PS4 fix? I play on PS4 and I am having a blast. The only thing I do not like is getting disconnected out of games or mic chatter getting snubbed out in heavy framerate fighting in multiplayer.

I do like the difficulty and even at that it seems most players that join can steam roll anything.

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Well, first, you are calling me sir for no reason so why wouldn’t I equally respectfully call you ma’am, ma’am?

Secondly and lastly, ma’am, I will not engage in further conversation when straw man arguments are made.


I’m happy for you, enjoy!

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I literally do not know what the April Update is that happened (for PS4). That is why I was asking in seriousness,…

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Have a look at the news letters. First one after the April patch is this one:


The April’s Patch made machines more aware, sir, more aggressive, more deadly.
It did came with a few issues like machines shooting through walls, or Harvesters shooting immense waves of missiles.

This was later on tweaked back to the original state, except for PS4, sir.

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Gotcha! Thanks for linking that. I knew we had the ‘hard’ mode but didn’t understand how.

Shooting through walls part is definitely annoying. I don’t mind rocket barrages as I can cover behind most things or toss flares/fireworks and shoot somewhere else. In solo I do try to take my time and plan attacks. In multiplayer I try to be the distraction while everyone is laying damage.

I just hope it doesn’t get too easy. Or at least let the difficulty scale better for harder modes.


Let’s remain on topic guys. Ma’am’s, Sirs, whatever :thinking:

Discuss @pennywise’s feedback but remember to be constructive.



Yes, sir.

So, basically, what I said was:
April’s patch was note a broken one, it actually fixed a lot, even though it still could need a few revisements here and there.

Naturally: FIRST the bad, game breaking bugs need be addressed, it’s logical.
Then, return the April’s patch to all… but as a GAME MODE, not forced.
Let people decide for themselves…
MANY loved that hard mode.
It’s unfair to deny them this.
But keep it as an option.
Forcing it upon all was the worst mistake here…

But understand that many things were broken. Machine AI was set way too high than intended, which was acknowledged by the devs, and there were issues with the AI targetting through solid objects that were simple bugs.

They did not plan on making the game super difficulty with the patch, therefor it was not an intended outcome. In every sense it broke the way the game was played for many people.


OH absolutely, good sir!!!
Hence I addressed already a few things:

So, aye, I DO say just that.
It was not perfect, and I am for revising the issues, good sir.