Open locked door

I think this regards any locked door, when you aim at it and get the “HOLD [E] LOCKED” on a locked door, then press ESC to get into the Pause-menu, then ESC again and still are aimed at the door you suddenly get a “HOLD [E] OPEN” but it won’t open still of course it just goes to the end of the progress line and then stops. I found this odd thing first time in the Hermelin Bunker but I am sure this glitch regards any locked door.

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Hey McWest, thanks for your post and welcome to the GZ community :slight_smile: If i’m understanding correctly, this is just a visual bug and you still aren’t able to open the door? If you were able to open the locked door this would be a glitch to get around having to lockpick doors, that wouldn’t be good at all!

Well, the door is locked all the time - and it is in the Hermelin Bunker Safehouse room to, once you begin in that bunker you can’t get out, which was where I discovered the issue :slight_smile: So I don’t know if the door was to be opened or locked but it was and then that happened with the Pause-menu glitch

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Can confirm this. I have the Lockpick skill and lockpicks in my inventory, but cannot open any locked shed doors or green doors in bunkers.

Playing on PS4 Pro. The problem is present in singleplayer and when I join other peoples’ games.