Opening Song Kept on playing within the game

Hello everyone,

Platform: PC
Description: Opening Music kept playing in loop even ingame.

Specifications: ROG Strix Laptop 2020 G15

Platform: PC

Description: Opening Song Kept on playing within the game every minute

Steps To Reproduce: it initially auto plays

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: Solo and Host

Players in your game: 1-2 sometimes single play

have you guys have ever experienced the game opening song/music kept playing every minute i had this kind of problem after the patch at steam oh and im playing it on my ROG Laptop.

If you don’t turn off the music or reduce music volume in the game settings, the music will play on.
Check your settings, please .

my music is already off or volume is already at zero. the opening/main menu music overlaps in the game.

So my audio settings are all 0/off but it opening music still plays every 30 seconds i cant play the game well because of it its irritating.

Oh, there is an idea.
Check your steam music playlist.

no steam playlist its a bug and i can’t report it.

heyo! is there a way for you to record this happening? that would help us tremendously!

I found the topic to the issue I was refering to in my mind.

Here was some dialogue from a trailer that played in the background while playing GZ.

Maybe it helps.

i have a video but i dont know where to upload or how to upload it.

You could use YouTube… or Google Drive.
Just paste the link to the file here afterwards. i uploaded it on youtube

I’m 90% sure that is the trailer of the Tactical equipment pack 2 playing in the background. Maybe your steam overlay or something has the store page open for that dlc.


Dude i got it thanks.

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@Zesiir solved, may be closed.

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Issue Resolved, Thread Closed. Thanks to everyone for their help!

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