Opinions on the FNIX Rising update and DLC for a console player


Now that the FNIX Rising DLC and update have been out for over a month, what are y’all’s thoughts and opinions on it? Being a console player, I want to know if this wait will be worth it. I’m really excited for all of the features added, but I’m not sure if they live up to the hype. No story spoilers please, thank you.


I’d say the official trailer covers 90% of it.

The other 10% will be at your own choice for the collectables side of the game.


I like the update changes (prone, change ammo, melee weapons etc.), but I liked Alpine Unrest more than Fenix Rising.

I think it is worth the purchase price.

I will also be purchasing on Xbone, so I am looking forward to it.


Correction "out for over 2 months " :joy:


Honestly really good. Of course they need to fix the missions glitches, but once those are out it is really good. I like the patch as well, bug fixes and QoL changes. Though hopefully next dlc the missions will be less buggy.


But these changes were invented for everyone, no need to get the DLC only for these qol things.
Just saying… :wink:


This topic is also about the update. Not only the dlc.


The changes they brought to everyone, not making exclusive gameplay mechanics that’d create issues for others to enjoy the game together are a good thing. I don’t like melee, but others enjoy it, and I wouldn’t like to certainly have melee only if you buy the DLC… QoL are what earns their good Dev point.

Another good Dev point is bold story movement in FNIX rising. Bold implications, character revealing etc. Lore-wise this is an awesome move, but story wise severely rushed and somewhat underwhelming. Emotional beats don’t land, just because they ram that stuff on you. Alpine Unrest suffered that a little bit, but still managed to keep a good pace with a nice spectacle to break up the fetch-questing.

Seems like this update brings a bit more innovation in mission structure too, but on such a small scale, seemingly like they’re only experimenting with it. Something of taking Alpine’s new mission further and also adding one with stealth and more options for engagement. Nice, but not minimal in scale.

Stuff gets brought down in quality when you get to the clunky mission structure of specific triggers for dialog (not anything new for this game), that kinda create uncomfortable pauses, until you actually enter the trigger area or trigger the conversation. It hasn’t got a natural flow, is quite rushed, doesn’t cover up the fetching and sometimes convenient for plot reasons (Radio interruption and not switching our communication method, us being the unknowing silent protagonist, and the convenience of a data center).

For the price, Yes… It is worth to break some of that silence. Lore-wise the implications themselves are really exciting and scary, but story-wise it won’t tell you this. Still, knowing or unknowing of the story, you’ll learn a bit more about how this all came to be.



I was trying to be subtle…


Well considering ever since FNIX RISING release, about 3 days after my game has been unplayable on xbox, so I’m not very happy, especially since I never even got to start the new DLC as I was trying to finish Alpine Island first but now that’s impossible til they fix the game corrupting itself…


Too little given that the “dlc” is basically an update using the current map slightly altering features. I so desperately want this game to be a going concern instead it just keeps ticking all the wrong boxes.


I enjoyed the dlc more this time.