Optimization of the game on platforms

Hello everyone. I play on PS4 Pro and noticed that errors are reported mainly by players who play on PC, then XBOX and PS4 almost inaudibly. Maybe GZ is better optimized on PS4 ?

I wouldnt say GZ is better optimised on PS4 as when i play it there, i get constant frame drops when too many machines get into the area compared to when i play PC with decent specs and dont experience these frame drops until a lot more machines are on screen.

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The base console suffers frame rate drop quite badly at times, not had this on PS5 at all, hopefully a next gen update comes in near future :+1:

I think it has more to do that it is more convenient to go to the forum when you’re on a PC anyway.

I meant, breakdowns in the game, stopping the game, crashing out of the game.

I think that this can go down to different PC specs, bad hardware/drivers or playing GZ on potato PCs… things you rarely get on consoles.